The F1 system in the 360 uses a hall effect sensor to determine the rotation speed of the engine at the transmission itself. Both the manual version and the F1 version contain 2 sensors – 1 on each side of the bell housing. The F1 system contains an additional sensor in the back of the transmission, under the airbox. Ferrari refers to this as the “Angolar Position Sensor.” When this sensor goes bad or gets dirty, it can trigger the P0715 code. This sensor will also trigger the dreaded F1 gearbox error light.

This sensor actually has nothing to do with the country of Angola. Presumably, the manual should have read “Angular Position Sensor.” This sensor is a hall-effect sensor that flips a high-low 5v signal each time the flywheel rotates. The flywheel has a magnet attached to it, which allows the hall-effect sensor to read the position.

Location of the sensor

If the sensor fails, your Ferrari can stop shifting and the dreaded F1 light can come on. The good news is that sometimes it can just be dirty. The bad news is that you need to disconnect the entire airbox above the gearbox in order to get to this sensor. The sensor is also awkwardly covered by a heatshield, whose ineffectiveness is probably the reason for sensor failure. And it’s worth trying to clean the sensor because it costs about $250. The part number is 168729.

There are 2 other sensors on the gearbox that can also go bad or get dirty. They are on the left and right side of the gearbox. However, when I disconnect these, they do not throw the same error and do not flip the F1 gearbox light. These two sensors are also used in the manual transmission cars, so I do not believe that they set off the gearbox error light.

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